Risk Assessments & Training



E&E Fire Protection can offer Fire safety training courses for;

  • Residential care
  • Hotels and boarding houses
  • Licensed premises
  • Commercial & industrial premises
  • Company employees

Our training sessions are designed to provide all levels of staff with basic fire safety knowledge and to raise awareness of the dangers caused from fire.

We run sessions which cover theory and the practical use of Fire Extinguishers in the event of a fire. Our sessions cover Basic Fire Principles, Hazards and Risks, Means of Escape, Case Studies of real Fires and the practical usage of Fire Extinguishers.

Once you have completed the course your company will be issued with a Certificate of Fire Safety Training and Fire safety hand-outs.

E&E Fire Protection have been Established sice 1973. We have run regular Fire Safety Lectures and Staff training sessions tailor-made for different industries and companies and our sessions are specially designed to meet your needs.


The Fire Risk Assessment is a tool used to identify hazards and the risks arising from them. The process then involves making judgments as to how the identified risks are managed to reduce the risk(s) to as low a level as reasonably practicable.

At E&E Fire Protection we have extensive experience in developing risk management strategies for hazard elimination or control which accommodate the operation requirements of business activities whilst still complying with your legal obligations.

Our consultants possess extensive experience of assessing risks to property; including buildings, fixtures and fittings and contents. The scope of property risk assessments includes an assessment of the fire performance of building structure and installed fire detection and suppression systems.

The 'responsible person' must manage any fire risk on your premises, and to do this a 'Competent Person' from E & E Fire Protection will carry out a fire risk assessment.

We will -


  • Identify Hazards
  • Identify people at risk
  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the risk
  • Provide a full report

Competent Person -

A Person who is to be regarded a competent for the purposes of the Fire Safety Order where he/she has had sufficient training, experience and knowledge and other qualities to enable him/her properly to assist in undertaking preventative and protection measures. (Article 18.1)